STRUCTAGROUT is an internal and external engineered (class A) cementitious grout that is ideal for patching all types of cement and concrete building elements including Precast and tilt up panelling.

Recommended Uses

STRUCTAGROUT is ready to use. Just Mix and add water. Suitable for commercial installations requiring minimum downtime and rapid turnaround. STRUCTAGROUT is an internal and external engineered repair grout and patching compound, specifically formulated for repairs to concrete and masonry walls and floors. STRUCTAGROUT can also be used for column underpinning. STRUCTAGROUT contains an expansion agent to ensure it fills voids and obtains maximum close contact with the substrate.

Features & Benefits

• STRUCTAGROUT gas expansion system, ensures total void filling with no shrinkage cracks
• High performance
• Internal and external use
• Shrinkage compensated
• Tilt up and precast panels
• Column underpinning
• Suitable for filling hollow block
• Can be mixed for Stiff, Plastic, Fluid and Flowable Situations
• Superior adhesion to concrete surfaces
• Pumpable
• Low VOC content – meets Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements

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