LEVELR is an internal and external levelling system specially formulated for the preparation of concrete floors prior to the laying of floor coverings.

Recommended Uses

What makes LEVELR so unique are the specially selected cements and polymers that produce a fast setting underlayment with exceptional adhesion to most flooring materials and the ability to be used internally or externally. The flow and depth of fill of LEVELR is dependent on the quantity of water used to mix up the product. LEVELR can be mixed to a thick consistency so that it does not level and can be used to “bulk fill” from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 120mm thickness. For normal levelling, LEVELR will self level and can be used from feather edge to 50mm thick. For super levelling characteristics as may be need for vinyl or thin timber, 6 litres of water can be added to achieve super smooth finish up to 25mm thick.

Features & Benefits

• High performance
• Internal and external use
• Self-smoothing
• Underlay
• Fast setting with specifically selected cements and polymers
• Superior adhesion to concrete surfaces
• Pumpable
• Feather edge to 120mm depending on water used
• Low VOC content – meets Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements

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