About Summit Supplies

Reliability, quality, technical knowhow and solutions coupled with innovation are the main attributes of Summit Supplies.

We don’t just believe in selling to a customer but helping them solve solutions in all fields of the Construction and Industrial markets and whether it be to a tradesman looking for ways to progress their project or to a large multimillion dollar engineering project we have all the solutions.

Summit Supplies is a business that is aligned with professional experts in all facets of construction and manufacturing, so no problem is too great or challenging we can solve and assist with all issues that may occur.

We are a unique supplier of high quality environmentally friendly and technologically advanced products to meet today’s needs in construction / industrial / mining markets.

Our product range offer includes waterproofing, construction sealants and adhesives, construction grouts, concrete repair products, a complete range of epoxy repair materials, floor preparation and levelling compounds and extensive range of decorative and protective coatings as well as abrasive and packaging solutions.

We have the ability to have product tailor manufactured to meet exacting standards and customer needs. We offer specification & warranties and on site testing for all of our products. With over 25 years’ experience, we are the experts that other companies have relied on for advice and know how.

Innovation, Quality and Service – Summit Supplies…