Ezytex Base and Patch is a multipurpose, high polymer modified render that especially suitable for difficult substrates. Ezytex Base and Patch has superior flexibility and tensile strength to normal cement renders. It can be used as a base render for difficult substrates like smooth masonry, clay bocks, tilt up panels, polystyrene foam and suitable painted surfaces. Can also be used as a patching compound for render and concrete.

Recommended Uses

Preblended, Polymer Modified, Cement Based. Base and Patch is a high polymer render designed to adhere to difficult substrates and has superior flexibility to normal polymer modified cement renders. It can be used as a base coat on difficult substrates like: Smooth Masonry, Clay Blocks, Polystyrene Foam. Can also be used on normal masonry substrates as well as a patching compound for easy repairs to render and concrete

Features & Benefits

• Superior formulation, ideal product for commercial applications e.g. shopping centres, high rise, and housing developments
• Suitable for traditional style rendering methods
• Can also be used on common masonry substrates like off form concrete, brickwork and blockwork for both rendering and patching
• Low VOC content- meets Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements
• Highly polymer modified
• Suitable for difficult substrates
• Easy trowelability
• Suitable for non shrink patching
• Unique PFR technology

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