Bostik Patchfix concrete is a high performance rapid setting, high early strength, shrinkage compensated repair concrete for patching concrete roadways, pavements and floors.

Recommended Uses

It is a special blend of cement and aggregates supplied in a ready to use form. The addition of water and mixing produces a high strength, heavy-duty, trowellable repair concrete that minimizes shut down time and allows the repair back in service in 2-3 hours.
Bostik Patchfix Concrete can be used for:
-Repairing localised patches, small or large
-Repairing concrete roadways, warehouse floors, ramps, concrete pavements
-Maintenance repairs for areas 10mm to 180mm in depth in one layer
-Emergency repair of concrete
-Patching of worn or damaged concrete
-Concrete spalling repair
-Floor repairs and overlay
-Where minimum disruption to traffic and floor shutdown is required
-Floor areas subject to high abrasion and impact

Features & Benefits

• Rapid strength gain will accept vehicle traffic in 2 hours
• High early strength
• Abrasion and weather resistance
• One component product, just add water
• Excellent bond strength to concrete substrate
• High build repairs can be carried out in a single application
• Shrinkage compensated
• Internal or external application
• Low permeability provides protection against chlorides and carbon dioxide

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