Bostik Bond ‘N’ Cure is a milky white, single component, acrylic emulsion. Bond ‘N’ Cure is the recommended primer, bonding agent and curing compound for use with Bostik’s Patchfix range of concrete repair systems.

Recommended Uses

As a bonding agent, primer and curing compound for Bostik range of concrete repair products
– Bonding new to old concrete
– Sealing concrete surfaces
– To prevent excessive moisture loss, rapid drying and surface cracking
– Additive for enhancing performance to concrete mortars
– For use in vertical, horizontal or overhead applications

Features & Benefits

• Allows optimum build of Bostik Patchfix Structural HB, Patchfix Concrete and Patchfix Fine Render
• Can be used internally or externally
• Resistant to hydrolysis (chemical breakdown due to water reaction)
• High bond strength between repair mortar and concrete substrate
• Non-hazardous

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