Sika® MonoTop-612 N is a cement-based, one component low permeability concrete repair mortar, containing silica fume and polymer, meeting the requirements of Class R4 of EN 1504-3.

Recommended Uses

– For repairing high strength concrete >45MPa
– High Build repairs horizontal, vertical and overhead
– For exterior and interior use
– New and old concrete repairs
– Marine repairs
– Trafficable repair applications

Features & Benefits

• Compatible with Sika® FerroGard® corrosion inhibitors
• Compatible with Sika® FerroGard® Sacrificial Anode System
• High build up to 100mm in one application*
• Low shrinkage
• High workability
• Very high resistivity mortar for durable new work concrete repairs
• AS/AZS 4020:2018 Approved for Potable/ drinking water contact
• Sulphate resistant in marine

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