Makrete Fillers M4/M6 are graded silica sand which has been cleaned and dried. Makrete Fillers can be used to create a wide variety of epoxy repair mortars and flooring products.
Makrete M4 Fillers are produced by using a fine, graded blend of sands for general purpose patching repair mortars and concrete repairs. This filler makes economical grouting or rendering compounds when mixed with Makcote Epoxy Binder.
Makrete M6 Fillers is a single sized quartzite aggregate for dense mortars, floor screeds and patching compounds. Makrete Fillers M6 can be used with Makrete M4 Fillers for large scale repairs or toppings.

Recommended Uses

• Makrete Fillers M4/M6 are used with Makcote Epoxy Binder to make epoxy screed and mortars of different consistencies to repair concrete.

Features & Benefits

• Simple mix design to produce different epoxy mortars
• Chemically inert
• Respirable Crystalline Silica hazard free
• Australian Made and Australian Owned

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