Makgrout EP is a two-component free flow epoxy grout. It offers longer work time characteristics for higher temperature conditions and deeper pours.
Makgrout EP is an epoxy resin-based product designed for free flow grouting of gap thicknesses from 2mm to 150mm. It has superior mechanical properties.
Makgrout EP can be used underwater and is chemical resistant to saltwater and mild acids and alkalis.

Recommended Uses

• Grouting under baseplates, crane rails, turbines where heavy dynamic loads are encountered and areas where chemical spillage may occur
• Can be mixed with Makrete Filler M4/M6 to produce mortars
• Suitable for pumping
• Bonding new concrete to old concrete
• Grouting from 2mm to 150mm in a single application
• Rail anchoring and grouting
• Structural anchoring of bolts, bars, inserts
• Hot weather applications
• Grouting in all weather conditions

Features & Benefits

• For gap width from 2mm to 150mm
• Excellent flow
• Low exotherm-long life
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Bonds to damp concrete
• High mechanical strength
• Fast, convenient installation with rapid strength gain
• Non-shrink, ensuring complete surface contact and bond
• 100% solid epoxy
• Solvent free
• Easy mixing – add aggregate on site if required
• Australian Made and Australian Owned

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