Makpatch LW may be sanded to produce a smooth surface texture prior to painting or application of a render or fairing coat. Repairs up to 90mm can be achieved in a single application without slump or shrinkage. High performance, lightweight, very low shrinkage, patch repair mortar.

Recommended Uses

• Patching repairs and covering metal joining plates or stitch plates in tilt up or pre-cast panel
• Makpatch LW is available in 3 colours – white, off white and grey
• High build application up to 90mm for vertical applications
• General high build up repairs where a non-structural repair mortar is required
• Can be applied without the use of formwork
• Repairing sections requiring fire rating

Features & Benefits

• Eliminates the need for formwork
• Shrinkage compensated resulting in long term dimensional stability
• Application 5mm to 90mm in single application
• Can be applied using wet spraying techniques
• Finishes off to a smooth surface
• Easy to use – just add water
• 4-hour fire rating to AS1530.4
• Lightweight formulation enables extra high-build – fewer cold joints
• One component, pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations
• Suitable for internal and external applications

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