A fast setting, high strength, polymer modified, shrinkage compensated floor repair mortar, ideal for most horizontal and vertical repairs. Application thickness of 5mm – 120mm

Recommended Uses

– Heavy-duty floor underlayment repair prior to placing of overlay
– Floor repairs requiring reinstatement of area in short periods
– Residential and commercial floor repairs requiring high strength and fast setting
– Fast repairs of uneven concrete floors
– Residential, commercial and medium industrial application
– New construction and refurbishment projects
– Building up ramp areas prior to application of floor coverings

Features & Benefits

• Accepts foot traffic in 2 hours
• Fast application, single operation
• Rapid curing
• Single component product, just add water
• Can be applied directly onto prepared concrete surfaces
• Most floor coverings can be laid after 4 – 6 hours
• Dimensionally stable, will not curl or crack
• Australian Made
• Reinstating large areas in relatively short time periods

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