Maklevel Rapid Patch is a polymer modified, rapid hardening internal/external repair mortar which is slump free and ideal for vertical and horizontal repairs.
Maklevel Rapid Patch dries and hardens rapidly to give a repair of exceptional strength and hardness. The mortar sets within 15 minutes and can be trafficked in 1.5 hours at 20°C.

Recommended Uses

• Superior underlay for vinyl & timber floor coverings (may be used under carpet & tile if quick covering time is required)
• Reinstatement of new or existing concrete floors subject to foot traffic,
• Residential, commercial and industrial applications
• Heavy industrial traffic
• Wet areas (not immersed)
• With under subfloor heating
• Application thickness up to 100mm
• Ideal for building ramps or falls to floors

Features & Benefits

• Single component, just add water
• Very fast application, single operation
• Dimensionally stable
• Rapid curing
• Rapid repair of internal and external subfloors, concrete stairs and ramps
• Receives after trade finishes in 45-60 minutes.
• Can be applied directly onto prepared concrete surfaces
• Australian Made and Australian Owned

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