SikaGrout®-Ultra is a ready mixed, high quality cement grout that expands in two stages (class A and C) to counteract the shrinkage normally associated with Portland cement grouts. SikaGrout®-Ultra is a blend of Portland cement, carefully selected and graded aggregates and Sika Admixtures, enabling it to be self levelling and achieve very high strengths in short times, making SikaGrout-Ultra suitable for critical grouting applications in the most demanding of circumstances.

Recommended Uses

– Grout projects requiring 100MPa compressive strengths
– Static load grouting
– Machine base plates
– Anchor bolting
– Bridge bearing pads
– Pre-cast concrete sections
– Shear Key Grouting

Features & Benefits

• Self levelling capabilities
• Shrinkage compensated
• High early strengths – 35 MPa in 24 hours
• High 28 day strengths – greater than 100 MPa
• Does not segregate or bleed
• High impact and thermal resistance
• Non corrosive to steel or iron

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