CROSfill® 530 is a high performance cementitious (Class C) grout with dual shrinkage compensation in both the plastic and hardened stages. It is suitable for critical void filling grouting applications where non-shrink performance is essential including, critical machine base plates, bridge bearing plates, anchor bolts and, pre-cast concrete sections.

Recommended Uses

Specifically formulated with Portland cement, graded fillers, and performance additive to reduce water demand and shrinkage, CROSfill® 530 can be mixed to a stiff, plastic or flowable consistency to an applied thickness of 10mm – 100mm.

Features & Benefits

• Durable, versatile & easy to use
• Dual shrinkage compensated
• Rapid strength gain
• Good impact and thermal resistance
• Excellent flow properties
• Free of iron – will not rust or stain

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