SikaGrout® HES is a ready mixed, high quality, Class C shrinkage compensated grout that sets rapidly with high early strength gain. SikaGrout® HES is a blend of high alumina cement is based on supplementary cementitious material aggregates and Sika admixtures, enabling it to achieve high strengths in short time frame.

Recommended Uses

SikaGrout® HES is used in a wide range of applications where rapid strength and return to service is required, such as: ▪ Machine base plates ▪ Anchoring ▪ Starter bars ▪ Bridge bearing pads ▪ Pre-cast panel grouting ▪ Cavities, gaps and recesses

Features & Benefits

• High early strengths (even at low temperatures)
• High 28 day strengths
• Good flow characteristic
• Rapid set times
• Adjustable consistency
• Does not segregate or bleed
• High impact and thermal resistance
• Non corrosive to steel or iron

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