SikaGrout-212 HP is a cementitious, non-shrink, high performance grout that expands in two stages in both the plastic and hardened states (class A and C) to counteract the shrinkage normally associated with cement grouts. Dual Shrinkage Compensated High Strength Cementitious Grout for applications from 10mm to 100mm.

Recommended Uses

SikaGrout 212HP is used for flowable grouting applications. Typical applications may include:
– Machine baseplates
– Anchor bolts
– Bridge bearing pads and shear key grouting
– Pre-cast concrete sections
– Cavities, gaps and recesses
– High performance grouting

Features & Benefits

Characteristics and advantages include:
• Shrinkage compensating properties, classed as a non-shrink grout as per CRD-C 621-81
• High early strengths
• High 28 day strengths
• Flowable consistency
• Adjustable consistency
• Formulated to not segregate or bleed
• Excellent impact and thermal resistance
• Non corrosive to steel or iron
• Lab tested in accordance with AS 1478.2

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