NovaGrout Smooth is a Polymer modified cement based grout specially designed for internal & external wall and floor applications. Specially designed hydrophobic properties to give increased stain resistant values. Suitable for wall and floor applications and internal and external use. Ideal for grouting a large range of tile types including ceramic, fully vitrified, porcelain, marble, natural stone, terrazzo, glass and mosaics. Ideal for joints up to 6mm in width, when mixed straight with Nova Mix Additive can be used as an adhesive and grout in one (Refer to your nearest Novatex office for correct application).

Recommended Uses

For internal and external wall and floor applications. Mould resistant. For use in swimming pools and water immersed areas. Non shrink grout. Grout meets CG1 classification. For use in joints from 1mm to 6mm. Specially designed formula makes NovaGrout easy to clean off tiles.

Features & Benefits

• It is designed for use with ceramic tiles, marble, porcelain, vitrified, stone and mosaic tiles.
• Designed for grouting over a large range of floor and wall tiles.
• Low VOC content which easily meets Green Building Council of Australian Green Star IEQ-13 requirements

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