Maklevel Screed is a high-performance rapid set engineered screed designed for all types of flooring. This product is suitable for moisture sensitive coverings. For internal and external use. Maklevel Screed allows floor coverings to be installed quickly compared with regular sand and cement or non-engineered screed.

Recommended Uses

• Suitable for moisture sensitive coverings
• Rapid set of screed allows floor coverings to be applied within the same day in residential, industrial and commercial environments
• Quick repair of rough/damaged concrete floors
• Use as an underlayment for floor coverings
• Undertile waterproofing membranes
• Installation of tiles, natural stones, terrazzo, parquet and textile floor coverings
• Can be used as a bonded or unbonded screed (on a slipsheet)
• Use as a floating screed(insulating layer) and heated screed
• Constructing ramps or falls to floors for drainage purposes
• Creating shower bases

Features & Benefits

• Accepts foot traffic in 2 – 3 hours
• Single component, just add water
• Very fast application, single operation
• Dimensionally stable
• Internal/External use
• Floor covering can be applied at 4-6 hours
• Rapid curing
• Tension and shrinkage free.
• Premixed cement and aggregate for simple onsite installation
• Can be applied onto ready-made concrete surfaces
• Application thickness up to 120mm in a single application
• Australian Made and Australian Owned

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