CROSflow® 840 Feather is a polymer rich cementitious smoothing compound suitable for internal applications where a fast curing smoothing and patching compound is required to smooth over imperfections in concrete or floor underlayment.

Recommended Uses

Ideal for feather applications as it contains no sand, CROSflow® 840 Feather accepts floor coverings in as little as 15 minutes after installation, depending on the thickness. The high polymer content of CROSflow® 840 Feather avoids poor strength due to dehydration on thin applications and does not require any priming.

Features & Benefits

• Ideal for indoor residential and commercial applications
• Can be applied from a feather coat up to a thickness of 5mm in one application
• Excellent adhesion
• Exceptional flow and workability
• Trafficable after 15 minutes when applied as a feather coat

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