Makgrout HS Ultra is a highly fluid high ultimate strength shrinkage compensated Class C precision grout based on a blend of Portland cement, high quality graded aggregates and additives, which control expansion whilst the grout is in a plastic and hardened state.

Recommended Uses

• Grouting projects requiring >100 MPa compressive strength
• Heavy duty precision grouting for gaps from 10mm to 200mm where high flow and high ultimate strength is required
• Grouting underneath precast panels and concrete sections
• Filling Anchor bolts
• Suitable for block work in core filling
• High ultimate strength and low permeability ensure the durability of the hardened grout
• Applications subject to high dynamic loads and where continuous vibration may occur

Features & Benefits

• Pre-packaged material overcomes potential on-site mixing variations
• Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides
• Grouting from 10mm to 200mm in a single application
• Maximum aggregate size 2.5mm for pumping
• Excellent initial flow and flow retention
• No metallic iron to cause staining
• High ultimate (28 day) strength
• Shrinkage compensated in both plastic and hardened state, Class C

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