Makcote PU is a non-yellowing single pack aliphatic polyurethane, which cures by reaction with moisture in the air to extremely tough hardwearing and durable film.
Makcote PU contains a high level of ultraviolet absorber which prevents the coating from yellowing and discolouration caused by sunlight.
It can be used either as the entire finish system or as a protective coat over conventional polyurethane coating or screeds as well as epoxy flooring systems.

Recommended Uses

• Floor coating over existing concrete floors
• Protective coating
• Abrasion resistant heavy duty floor coating
• Coating over epoxy and polyurethane floor systems
• Can be used for both interior and exterior areas

Features & Benefits

• Non yellowing
• High abrasion resistance
• Durable
• Hardwearing
• Internal and external application
• Accepts pedestrian and vehicle traffic
• Moisture curing
• Clear finish
• Australian Owned

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