Makcote HS is a multi-component solvent-free epoxy resin high build coating which produces a slightly textured gloss finish. Anti-slip grains are used in the formulation of Makcote HS which delivers good chemical and abrasion resistance. Makcote HS is available in a range of colours by adding colour pots.

Recommended Uses

• Makcote HS is a heavy duty, industrial / commercial coating for concrete floors that is appealing and easy to clean.
• Highly resistant to chemical attack and the action of forklifts and commercial type traffic.
• When used in conjunction with the appropriate slip resistant fillers, Makcote HS is suitable for use in wet areas where strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness are required or where chemicals are manufactured, spilled or are an integral part of the process.
• Use within the Food and Chemical Industry

Features & Benefits

• 100% Solids Epoxy.
• Has excellent adhesion to most substrates including brick, masonry, concrete blocks, concrete compressed fibre board and stone.
• Slip resistance improves safety for plant
and personnel.
• Provides an attractive gloss finish.
• Resists mildew, mould and bacterial growth.
• Withstands steam and chemical cleaning.
• Non-taint
• Available in a range of colours by simply adding desired colour pack.
• Provides a sanitary flow in Hospitals, Food Processing Industries, Kitchens, Aviation Hangers.
• Abrasion and Chemical Resistance.

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