Bostik Dampfix PU is a one component, highly elastic, class 3, polyurethane waterproofing membrane system that contains no bitumen and complies with AS/NZ 4858. Bostik Dampfix PU polyurethane waterproofing membrane is specifically formulated for applications where the waterproofing membrane is to be covered by tiling systems laid on an unbonded reinforced screed to falls (ref: Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles – AS3958.1). This is a 2-coat system applied over primed porous & non-porous substrates. It is not recommended as a membrane system in immersed areas (such as pools or spas)

Recommended Uses

– As a waterproof membrane between the structural substrate & the reinforced unbonded tile screed in both internal & external applications
– As a waterproofing membrane to internal wet area shower, bathroom, kitchen, laundry & toilet areas to AS/NZ 3740
– As a waterproofing membrane to external balconies & podium levels to AS/NZ 4654.2
– All horizontal applications to be covered by a reinforced un-bonded screed to falls prior to the application of tile or other surface wearing and protective systems by following trades
– Suitable for concrete; cement rendered masonry; FC sheeting; water resistant plasterboard; and structural plywood (Type A Stamped “PAA JAS-ANZ” to AS/NZS22692004)

Features & Benefits

• Provides a tough elastomeric waterproofing membrane when fully cured
• Minimum Dry film thickness achievable in 2 coats
• Does not contain bitumen
• Will not bleed through porous materials such as marble, natural stone and slate tiles
• Will not re-emulsify when immersed, after full cure
• One component, ready to use
• Easy to apply
• Excellent bond strength to most primed common building substrates
• Reaches sufficient cure in 72 hours allowing for fast placement of mortar beds & screeds

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