Dampfix Bandage is a premium reinforcing tape designed to be used with Bostik ASA waterproofing membranes. It is a high performance bond breaker and joint isolation system. The prefabricated open weave material, strengthened with an elastomeric rubber reinforcing layer is designed to maximise elongation in critical areas. The membrane does not bond to the rubber resulting in a high elongation and flexible bond breaker in the finished joint system.

Recommended Uses

– Resistant to damage by following trades
– Less risk of failure in critical areas
– Quicker installation than traditional sealant + tape
– Open flexible weave : o Excellent bond to substrate o No chance of dry delamination due to inadequate wetting seen with cloth tapes
– No need to wait – install membrane almost immediately
– Lower risk of performance / compliance issues
– Sealant is isolated from membrane so compatibility issues are avoided and preferred sealant may be used
– May be used for joint patching without removing damaged membrane
– Vertical and Horizontal joints and junctions
– On any substrate suitable for chosen Bostik ASA waterproofing membranes
– Sheet joints
– Compatible with all Bostik ASA waterproofing membranes
– Static Cracks in concrete slabs Interior (AS3740) and exterior (AS4654)

Features & Benefits

• Puncture resistant reinforced layer
• High strength and excellent tear resistance
• Open flexible weave = fast and easy wetting with maximum bond to substrate
• Preformed options available
• Embossed crease for easy fold in junctions
• Useful measurement marks
• Printed face is release treated so membrane de-bonds easily
• Accommodates movement
• Unlike bedding cloth mesh, does not reduce the class of membrane
• Complies with AS3740 and AS4654 requirements*
• Suitable for class II and III membranes*

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