SURFACE-CURE A- WATERBASED CURING COMPOUND is a Class D, Type 1 curing compound for use on new concrete that facilitates maximum moisture retention through 28 days curing period to maximise concrete strength & durability.
SURFACE CURE A can also be generally classed as a Class Z, Type 1 it comes back to interpretation of definitions.
The polymer used is a synthetic acrylic and can fit in both class descriptions.
SURFACE-CURE A, cures, seals, and hardens the surface of new concrete, providing increased strength and durability and improved resistance to chemicals and surface dusting, when applied by the correct method and at the recommended application rate.
The dried film, which is not particularly obvious and has minimal darkening on exposure to sunlight.
SURFACE-CURE A is based on an acrylic resin combined with other additives.

Recommended Uses

– Mainly used on freshly laid concrete floors, carparks, warehouses, bridge ramparts etc.
– Also used for curing vertical concrete areas immediately after the stripping of forms to assist strength development, improve chemical resistance, etc.

Features & Benefits

• Environmentally acceptable.
• low Solvent – water based (not classed as Hazardous or Dangerous)
• Low VOC
• Complies with GREEN STAR- OFFICE DESIGN V3 IEQ-13 ( <200g/L TVOC)
• Low odour.
• No ventilation requirement.
• No stringent safety requirements.
• Fast dry
• Efficient curing of the concrete assists the Development of strength, abrasion resistance and durability.
• Reduces the likelihood of cracking or dusting at the surface.
• Easy to use, eliminates messy water curing or polythene film

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