SikaGrout®-3350 is a 1-part, cementitious, fast hardening, free flowing grout which is shrinkage compensated and achieves ultra high early and final strengths. Specifically designed for onshore steel and pre-cast concrete wind towers.

Recommended Uses

SikaGrout®-3350 may only be used by experienced professionals.
– Ultra-high performance precision grouting of joints
– Filling horizontal joints between tower base and foundation
– Horizontal joints between precast concrete elements

Features & Benefits

• Application thickness: 20–500 mm
• Fast early strength development even at low temperatures
• Ultra-high final strength > 120 MPa
• Very low shrinkage
• Fatigue certified
• Good flowability
• High adhesion to concrete
• Ready to use (just add water)
• Suitable for pumping long distances

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