Makseal Sanitary GP100 Silicone is a high performance, Ultraviolet (U.V.) resistant one component neutral cure silicone sealant, which will resist mould and mildew in hot and humid environments. Makseal GP100 Sanitary Silicone is designed for sealing and adhering a wide variety of products and surfaces while also offering anti-fungal properties. Makseal GP100 Sanitary Silicone allows for general purpose sealing where excellent adhesion and long-term reliability is required. It reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a form in place silicone rubber seal.

Recommended Uses

• Sealing wet areas
• Available in 3 colours – translucent, white and off white
• Kitchens, Bathrooms, Toilets and Shower areas
• Weather seals between glass and aluminum (Domestic & Commercial)
• Perimeter seals between aluminum window frames, brick, and masonry
• General construction and Marine work
• Industrial and maintenance applications
• Basin and Vanity Units

Features & Benefits

• Anti-fungal and Mould resistant
• Low Slump and Movement capability +25%
• Superior adhesion with 5-8 minute skin time
• Makseal GP100 Sanitary Silicone comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
• 100% Silicone so it does not shrink when curing and customers do not pay for solvents or fillers
• Excellent adhesion properties so it adheres to most surfaces, this includes painted surfaces, and the job only needs to be done once
• Permanently flexible so it resists cracking, shrinking and vibration
• Waterproof so it provides a flexible watertight seal

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