Makproof Moisture Barrier is suitable for use under flooring and waterproofing membranes.
It is an approved moisture and vapour barrier suitable for direct contact with drinking water. It does not contain solvent and is compatible with a wide range of Makrete Waterproofing products.

Recommended Uses

• Concrete, Brick, Metal
• Pre-cast and tilt up panels
• Masonry, Stone
• Water Tanks Potable Water
• Curing compound over green freshly laid concrete
• As a moisture barrier preventing water seepage or dampness through floors and walls
• Structural Plywood
• Fibre Cement/AAC systems
• Storage Tanks
• Swimming Pools

Features & Benefits

• Excellent adhesion to concrete, rendered masonry, wet area plasterboard, FC sheet and plywood.
• Can be used with a wide variety of substrates
• Easy to mix with 1:1 mixing ratio by volume
• Conforms to ASTM E96 water vapour transmission(negative pressure) tests
• Approved for direct contact with potable (drinking) water (AS 4020:2005)
• Withstands hydrostatic water pressure up to 25m or 250kPa
• Water Clean Up
• Tested to ASTM E96 for water vapour transmission
• Environmentally Friendly
• Non-flammable, negligible odour and toxicity
• Prevents rising damp and the formation of efflorescence
• Can be overcoated with majority of decorative or industrial coatings such as epoxy
• Australian Made and Australian Owned

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