Makprime MP is a multi-purpose rapid drying water based acrylic primer which can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces. It is compatible with cement-based mortars and floor levelling compounds.

Recommended Uses

• Use with Makrete range of Mortars
• Available in 5 Litre and 20 Litre containers
• Primer for Makrete range of Floor Levelling Compounds
• Primer for Proprietary Tile Adhesives
• Primer for water based waterproofing membranes
• Water Based

Features & Benefits

• Low VOC
• Rapid Drying
• Compatible with cement-based mortars and floor levelling compounds
• Can be applied to dense non-porous surfaces such as burnished concrete, glazed ceramic tiles
• Can be diluted for priming porous surfaces
• High adhesion properties
• Will not re-emulsify in water once cured

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