Makfire FR is a single component, non-sag fire rated acrylic based sealant. It is a general-purpose fire rated sealant which can be used for construction joints and sealing of service penetrations in plasterboard, masonry walls and concrete floors. Makfire FR has been designed to provide a fire barrier for up to 4 hours. Makfire FR is used for sealing low movement interior joints in wood and plasterboard.

Recommended Uses

• Installation of fire rated sealant in concrete walls, floors, and plasterboard walls
• Sealing gaps around the perimeter of doors and interior window frames
• Seal gaps around pipes, cables, ducts and services which permeate fire rated walls and floors
• Precast Panels, Masonry, Plasterboard
• For use on vertical and or horizontal joints
• Prevent the spread of fire through walls and floors
• New construction and rectification applications

Features and Benefits

• Internal/External applications
• Flexibility joint movement +/- 20%
• Fire rating for gaps up to 40mm
• Paintable after fully cured
• One part no mixing required and provides a smooth finish
• UV Stable
• 4 Hour Fire Rating and Acoustic Rated
• Excellent adhesion to wood, metal, plasterboard, all masonry and hebel
• Water resistant after it has cured

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