Bostik Fireban® Hybrid is a high performance and durable fire retardant sealant based on SMP (Silyl Modified-Polymer) technology. It combines performance benefits of PU with a new and highly effective SMP technology backbone that contains no solvent or isocyanate and ensures a bubble free cure.

Recommended Uses

Bostik Fireban® Hybrid can be used for fire resistant sealing of connection and expansion joints in construction, which in case of fire should have fire resistance. Fireban® Hybrid prevents the spread of fire, smoke and/or toxic gases. Also applicable for horizontal joints and connection of floor/ceiling with walls. Fire resistance has been tested in accordance with AS 1530.4 up to 240 minutes in a horizontal and vertical (movement) joint of 30mm wide. Ensure that you choose the correct fire resistance for your application by consulting the classification and test reports. Bostik Fireban® Hybrid will adhere to most common building materials, including:
– Stone
– Concrete
– Glass
– Plasterboard
– Polyurethane
– PVC and hard plastics
– Enamel
– Ceramic
– Copper and lead
– Zinc
– Aluminium, Alloys, Stainless steel
– HPL & Cement fibre panels
– Wood and paint systems

Features & Benefits

• Up to 4 hours of fire resistance – Tested in accordance with AS 1530.4-2014
• Also suitable for wall/ceiling and wall/floor joints
• Applicable for joints up to 30mm wide
• Prevents unwanted airflows
• Excellent processing and easy toolability
• Accommodates joint movement up to 25%
• Paintable with most water and oil based paints
• Resists fungus and vermin
• Not corrosive towards metals
• UV, weather and water resistant
• Durable and odourless

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