EZ101 is a multipurpose, acrylic modified render that boasts superior trowelability.

Recommended Uses

EZ101 unique formulation allows it to be applied up to 12mm with no sagging or cracking. EZ101 can be used either through a pump or by using a hawk and trowel over a variety of surfaces including AAC blocks, AFS, brickwork, fibre cement sheeting, concrete and polystyrene board (contact your nearest Novatex office for correct application).

Features & Benefits

• Superior formulation, ideal product for commercial applications e.g. shopping centres, high rise, and housing developments
• Suitable for traditional style rendering methods
• Ideal for bonding to a large range of substrates including AAC blocks, AFS, brick work, fibre cement sheeting, concrete and polystyrene board
• Low VOC content- meets Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements
• Acrylic modified
• Easy flow formulation for pumping
• Easy trowelability
• Build up to 12mm in single application
• Unique PFR technology

Recommended Products

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