CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler is a cementitious, non-structural, bulk fill floor underlayment with exceptional adhesion properties. CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler is suitable for internal applications where a thickness of between 5mm and 80mm is required.

Recommended Uses

This product can be used over new or old concrete floors prior to the application of floor coverings, and will accept carpet and tiles after 24 hours, and all other floor coverings after 72 hours. CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler can also be used for bulk filling applications, creating ramps and falls in screeds.

Features & Benefits

• Ideal for creating floor grades, ramps or falls to floor waste
• Suitable for indoor residential and commercial applications
• Fast setting with excellent adhesion
• Exceptional workability
• Trafficable after 2 hours

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